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Why Choose Iowa Memorial Granite Company?

  • The Iowa Memorial Granite Company designs and produces beautiful headstones, bronze markers, granite memorial benches, gravestones, grave markers and cemetery monuments.

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company takes great care of their customers.  Check out what they have to say about us on Google reviews!

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company does all design work to your specifications, allowing us the ability to make adjustments anytime in the design process.

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company does all finishing work, from blasting to etching. This ensures that your headstone is produced with the highest of quality, guaranteed by us.

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company sets their headstones on granite rather than cement. Cement, will break down and crack over time, leaving an unattracitve and unprofessional looking foundation. Granite will retain its appearance and ensure for hundreds of years.

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company deals specifically with the best vendors and due to our buying power, has the capability to reject any piece if it does not meet our stringent guidelines. This means your family is GUARANTEED THE BEST GRANITE AVAILABLE.

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company offers a written warranty on all granite products that we produce. This warranty never expires.

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company guarantees your satisfaction.

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company uses a state of the art design program to ensure accuracy in design as well as provide our customer with a huge selection of design options to choose from. The days of picking from 2 or 3 options are long gone.

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company is able to obtain any granite upon request and duplicate any memorial in the cemetery. Memorial duplication requires skilled craftsmen to identify and duplicate an existing gravestone.

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company is a proud member of Monument Builders of North America and the Monument Builders of Iowa, two of the memorial industry's most recognized and respected organizations. This helps us stay on top of the newest technology and granites available

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company is conveniently located in Muscatine, Iowa. In addition, our sales team and designers are available for in-house, cemetery or funeral home meetings.

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company has been in business since 1943.

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company stocks one of the largest inventories in Iowa and has access to 6 other inventories in the state, helping to provide better delivery times for your families when the situation arises.

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company has excellent knowledge of cemetery rules, regulations and caretakers-an important tool when designing memorials.

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company has records dating back 40 years to allow for easier duplication and genealogical research.

  • Iowa Memorial Granite Company can provide over 300 different color granites from around the world. Unique colors are now affordable and can be implemented into the design of your families' memorials.


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