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Local Workshop

Do you want to see how your family's monument will be crafted? Learn how we design, stencil, engrave and polish headstones, grave markers, monuments and gravestones by reading the descriptions below and viewing the pictures shown below that were taken at our production facility in Muscatine, Iowa.

Iowa Memorial Granite Company produces gravestones, headstones, monuments, granite memorial benches, bronze markers, bronze plaques, mausoleums, cemetery memorials and grave markers for Iowa and Illinois families at our local workshop in Muscatine, Iowa. We perform our memorialization craftsmanship with incredible care and attention to detail. At Iowa Memorial Granite Company we design and produce our granite headstones and cemetery monuments right here in our local workshop, allowing us to closely supervise every step of the process. Our cemetery monument designers, artists, stone carvers and granite sculptors understand the significance of crafting the perfect headstone or gravestone for people that earned the timeless respect and honor of their families and the local Iowa communities. Because we have cut out the middle man we can pass those savings onto you, resulting in factory direct prices.

The carving process begins by creating the design in a CAD based software program.  This technology enables us to send a scale drawing of the memorial to the customer for a final review before the headstone is engraved.  Once we receive approval from the family, the monument will be carved.  (See Below)

The rubber stencil is then applied to the granite using both the adhesive on the back of the stencil and a water based glue to ensure it will not move around on the monument during the engraving process.  (See Below)

After the stencil is applied to the surface of the granite, the carving process begins by exposing certain areas of polished stone to sandblast in preparation for ornamentation and lettering.  (See Below)

Some of our customers prefer to have a special, detailed scene or emblem hand engraved onto their monument.  Our artist can accommodate such requests and can be seen here hand etching a natural landscape onto a monument from a photo provided by the customer.  (See Below)

Other monument design types call for the design work to be done via sandblast.  Dimensional design elements are often carved by hand with sandblast equipment as shown here.  (See Below)

Flat carved designs are engraved with an automatic sandblast unit.  Here the monument is being loaded into the sandblast booth in preparation for engraving. (See Below)

An automatic sandblast machine ensures the design and inscription work is cut to a uniform depth. (See Below)

Once the gravestone is completed, it gets cleaned and loaded onto our truck for installation and delivery. Here Randy can be seen installing a monument at a local cemetery.  (See Below)
If you would like a tour of our shop, stop by our Muscatine office during regular business hours and we will be happy to show you around.

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Do you want to see how your family's monument will be crafted? Learn how we design, stencil, engrave and polish headstones.
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